• Julie Nicholls says:

      14th February 2019 at 18:07

      Thanks Sarah. Our body does talk, just not in English, nor French for that matter (in case you wondered). It speaks in feelings. We might recognise, fatigue, pain, tightness, stiffness but often ignore these feelings and soldier on because we value what our head/mind has to say more. Our body might also speak of joy, passion, ease freedom, energy, excitement but seldom even acknowledge these. It is the job of our mind to be creative, to think of stuff, to solve problems. This is what has kept us alive. But it is not separate from the body (as medicine would have it). So rather than want to stop it, you might want to explore the following and see if that helps. Stay present to the detail of what your body is feeling, how it might want to move, or not. I find that as the body is listened to, both body and mind can live in better harmony. The mind will still as it has something to focus on, but because it’s not a problem, it won’t rev it’s engine to find answers. On the other hand the body will loosen as it feels understood heard and respected. It no longer needs to scream. Hope this makes sense. If it doesn’t let me know.

    • Julie Nicholls says:

      10th April 2019 at 21:01

      Congratulations Sarah, you are the winner of the free session. get in touch when you are ready to explore how you could feel more comfortable about taking a break and chilling out.

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