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About me: Julie Nicholls, Therapist, helping people in Swindon get better for over 30 years.

Portait of Julie Nicholls Body~Mind CoachAlthough this page is about me, sessions are all about helping you!

After training as a nurse, I realised I wanted to provide care that dealt with the causes of ill health. Not mask symptoms and create complications because of the side effects of any drugs I administered!

Remedial Massage was the start of my journey.  I set up my practice in 1993 from a professional and quiet environment in Swindon, Wiltshire. I have helped people, just like you, ease their pain, relax and feel better.  So well they can do things now they thought were never going to be possible again. 

Why? Because, pain and fear are debilitating! They stop you fulfilling your potential, whether in your career, leisure activities or relationship in your life.  For me every person is like a jigsaw puzzle and I love connecting the pieces and filling in the missing parts, so they can feel whole again.

I am available for one-to-one sessions, talk-demonstrations, presentations, classes and workshops.

You can watch me in action on my YouTube channel

“Julie is unique in what she does. You have to try it to find out – but be prepared to get amazing results. I did! Thanks Julie.” Simon West,  Events Director at Venues of Distinction 2008

Why I do this?

In this video I share part of my journey.


“Cure sometimes, treat often and comfort always.” Hippocrates

What can Body~Mind Coaching help with?

This will depend on what you want. Whether you have a physical and/or emotional issue that is troubling you, I am here to help you feel better. You can then make your goals, dreams and aspirations come true, faster and more easily than you imagined possible!

You can email me to book a FREE exploratory treatment. Though a donation to my chosen charity (Freedom Kit bags) is appreciated.

Sessions generally last 2 hours. This gives me time to take a full case history, understand what you need /want from the session(s) as well as give a treatment and some tips or advice to help you understand how you might be able to help yourself.

How do I help?

In 4 main ways:

  • Getting or keeping you physically healthy or well enough to be able to do what you want/need to do.
  • Removing fears, blocks and limiting beliefs so you have the confidence you need to go forward.
  • Helping you gain clarity as to how you might go forward.
  • Giving you tools, tricks and practical steps you can take so you can keep going on your own, without my regular assistance.

The most important part of what I do is empowering you to help yourself. This is what differentiates me, from the many therapists who are happy for clients to keep coming back, with the same problem, over and over again.

I want clients to regain their sense of wellbeing and know how to reproduce all the benefits of the treatment, whenever they need and wherever they are.  This means clients often don’t need to see me as frequently as they would other therapists, as they soon become better able to help themselves. Therefore, the treatment – which to some, may seem more expensive initially – is very cost-effective and if you choose a programme, it has a money back guarantee too.

What clients say:-                     

  • “It worked so fast!”
  • “It’s like deep meditation.”
  • “I did my exercises and it worked!”
  • “Julie’s a miracle worker with magic hands.”
  • “I beat last year’s time and it was easier too!”
  • “Everything Julie says makes so much sense!”
  • “I feel more in touch with ‘me’ after a session.”
  • “It’s like yoga but nicer because I had to do nothing.”
  • “I seem to move more fluidly, feeling lighter, wonderful.”
  • “It’s amazing how Julie always seems to find the problem and the “Ah” spots even when you can’t find them yourself.”

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Since seeing Julie, I feel I have achieved a great deal and  I am beginning to realise what has been happening to me over many years. I have been inspired to explore new things and have come to terms with my mother’s issues.  My breathing is better and walking is easier, through improvements in my feet and fitness levels.  Being more content today than ever before,  I can now get on with my life and have more fun.”
“I cannot thank you enough for this.” Bill Togni   Director of Cardpos Europe Ltd. Dec 04   

Qualifications & Training Links

1989 Nursing degree in Belgium.
After qualifying as a nurse I was disheartened as felt a holistic approach to care could do more to improve patients’ health and well-being. I therefore re-trained and this is my journey so far.

1990-92 Brockwood Park  international School, Hampshire, UK
1993 qualified in Remedial Massage from the Northern Institute of Massage
I then sensed the need, not just to fix people, but to help them learn ways to avoid getting pain in the first place.
In 1997 qualifying as a Trager ™ Practitioner enabled me to do just that.
1999 NVQ level 4  Training and Development (Human Resource Development) 2 Units
2001 Qualified in EMDR(Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) and as a Trager Workshop leader and Tutor trainee
2002 Trager Mentastics ™ leader and  Time power® training.
2005 City and Guilds Level 3 Teaching (C&G 7302)
2007 BodyTalk technician
2012 Mentoring skills. Member of IOEE (Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs)

2019 Accunect and IEMT Integral Eye Movement Therapy training
2023 MSTR therapy McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Therapy
2024 Embodiment coaching training

I carry full insurance and all certificates are available for inspection on request.

I am a member of the following organisations and abide by their code of professional conduct:

Arthritis Action Logo

A life member and licensed associated practitioner of Arthritis Action. I therefore can recommend their self-help management programme and support their members through funded treatments.

Association of speakers club logo

I am also a member of the Swindon Speakers Club

For a while, I volunteered as a therapist for the National Phobic Society now called Anxiety UK.  I was also involved in a research project with Coventry University, teaching parents to massage their disabled children.

Continuing Professional Development:

I regularly attend workshops and courses to help me meet my clients’ needs more effectively.  I must attend a minimum of 20 hours of training a year and have a first aid certificate. Topics have covered areas such as trigger points, the jaw, counselling skills, using herbal remedies, personal development, Louise Hay, the work of Byron Katie, Coaching and mentoring, positional release therapy, muscle energy techniques and orthopedic massage with myofascial release etc.


1994 Young Business of the Year award (Wiltshire winner).
1995 Founded the Natural Therapy Centre
1996 Wiltshire Business of the Year award finalist.
2015 Bark Certificate of excellence for Body~Mind Coaching
2020 Registered as a professional speaker with the Association of Speakers club and became president of the Swindon club in 2023

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