Responding to stress

I hope you are well, despite the current circumstances. I have been thinking for some time, that I needed to contact clients and let them know that I’m still able and available, to help online, if they have any issues they need and want support with.  However, my abiding thought has been that everyone is … [Read more…]

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Happiness… what gets in the way?

When we hear happy New year, what does that mean to us? What does it take to cultivate happiness? For me health is key and dealing with our expectations. You can be happy but you can’t do happy!

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Gift giving

Many people think of song the twelve days of Christmas and the associated gift giving, as the 12 days leading up to Christmas when in fact it’s from Christmas to the 6th of January. To find out more about this, my friend and author of secret Swindon and Swindon in 50 buildings, Angela Atkinson has … [Read more…]

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Self-care what’s it about?

Stress and self-care are connected Stress awareness day and self care week are both in November.

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Why you are not afraid of public speaking!

If you think you are afraid of public speaking , you are not alone. However this blog might help you think again. Is it really the public and the speaking you are afraid of or is it really something deeper you have been avoiding admitting you yourself?

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Who should your Valentine be?

What is Valentine’s day really all about? Love, you will tell me. I might agree. But to whom this love is directed, is another matter. What can we learn from self care that can benefit our relationship with our loved ones?

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Tinnitus week, get help and support!

Though not dangerous, Tinnitus, can be very annoying, isolating and affect sleep for those who suffer with it. This year Tinnitus week runs from the 4th to the 10th Feb 2019. Tinnitus week Therefore I thought I would share with you 3 things that might improve the condition and also what else I do to … [Read more…]

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Goal… Winning the game of life!

Goal setting is very different to setting New Year resolutions. In most cases, a goal (unless you are talking football) is specific, measurable and timed, a New Year resolution rarely is. Yours may already be a distant past. If it isn’t then well done, you have lasted longer than many. I am not a great … [Read more…]

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What back pain taught me.

Back pain and the 3 areas to consider to get long term relief

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Would you like to overcome overwhelm?

Last month’s mental health awareness week, mentioned stress as being a key factor.  You can take their stress test below my take on it.  And for people who really want to get a better work life balance, a good sleep and deal with their feeling of overwhelm, I run 20 steps to beat stress workshops. … [Read more…]

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