Coaching your Body and Mind to make a big difference with small changes!

I created Body~Mind Coaching to bring all my skills and experience into one seamless experience. It helps people have a pain free, stress-less life, faster than they imagine possible.  It’s your life and I believe you can have it how you want it!

Are you tired of struggling? Do you want fast, long term relief from pain and stress that goes beyond the benefits of massage alone?

I can help you change the relationship you have with your body so you can love it rather than loath it.

Call me, Julie, on 01793 495551 or contact me to book your FREE basic assessment and taster session on Skype or face to face to find out how this is possible!

Body~Mind Coaching  gives you time to relax, be still and reflect. This can open up a world of new possibilities so you can have health and happiness naturally!

Body~Mind Coaching, Serenity

Treatments ~ Products ~ Education

Workshops for health, happiness naturally

Pain relief for living joyfully

Relaxation for peak performance

Confidence & Clarity for reaching goals.

Thank you very much for the chance to learn about what you do, and for the first time in 20 years to learn how to walk without a limp!  My wife was amazed!!!” Jon Tuck Action coaching

Are you…

  •  An individual suffering despite seeing a doctor, physiotherapist or chiropractor or been told: “There is nothing more we can do for you, just learn to live with it”?
  •  A sole trader who doesn’t want time off work due to sickness or whose fears are getting in the way of business growth.
  •  An organisation, a business, a company looking to improve performance through reduced time off due to stress or sickness? Or are you looking to improve confidence, and/or public speaking performance for yourself or your staff?
  • A charity or social group looking for a speaker or organising an event and would like something different?
  •  A therapist wanting to get more business, or get better results with less effort? Interested in attending workshops and discover new tools to help your clients? Do you need Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours?

    …If so then you are in the right place!

Body~Mind Coaching, is:

Pain free, Deeply Relaxing, Natural, Educational, Enjoyable, Fun, Profound, Long Lasting, Unique to you and Focused on you and what you want from the sessions!

Body~Mind Coaching sessions includes a range of therapies and approaches  chosen specifically to help you reach your goal, as easily and quickly as possible. For details of therapies used see the wellbeing page.

Feel FREE from fear, pain, stress, fear, anger, guilt and live the life you want!

  “When I do visit Swindon my only regret at having left is that I’m not able to have massage with you any more.  Though I do have massage here, I haven’t yet found anyone with the same knowledge, skill or attitude as you.  I get a sports massage which tends to be a bit fierce.  I hope your current clients realise how lucky they are!” JW (Wales)

Types of problems which have been helped:

Back pain, stress, sciatic pain, RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), asthma, arthritis, poor posture, self confidence, social anxiety, many fears (including public speaking, heights, wasps), stroke, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, depression, bereavement, relationship issues,  PTSD, tennis and golfer’s elbow, headaches, menstrual problems, cystitis…

 To find out if you can be helped contact me

Do you want to feel like you can flow with life, rather than feel it is a constant struggle and battle?

Then let me help you with Body~Mind Coaching!

I have over 20 years experience in conventional and alternative/complementary medicine. I now specialise in long term relief of conditions such as arthritis, back/sciatic pain, asthma, MS, depression, PTSD and helping release stress.

 To find out what people think of the treatment read some testimonials on the about me page.

  • Give yourself time…. 

  • Experience the difference….

  • Be you again….

Call 01793 495551 or contact me to book your FREE basic assessment and taster session! Though this is free a donation to the freedom kit bag charity I support would be much appreciated.

NB. Please mention Body~Mind Coaching ‘web offer’ when you call.

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