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‘5 Rhythms’ a Mindful  Moving Meditation – 2nd Sept  and 18th Nov 2018

Do you want to exercise but can’t follow a class or have 2 left feet?

Would you like to be more at peace with yourself?

Would you like to be able to navigate the chaos of life more easily?

Like to dance, have fun and not be judged?

If so this is for you…join us …No previous experience of dance needed, and all are welcome young, old, fit or unfit. No steps to learn and nothing to get right or wrong and no judgement from the teacher. You dance at your level.

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As Dr. William W. Purkey  said:

“sing …as if no one is listening
dance …as if no one is watching
love …as you’ve never loved before
live …as if heaven is here on earth”

If you want to do that then dare to be brave and join us


20 steps to beat stress

Get out of overwhelm. Stress might be the norm these days, but that doesn’t mean it has to be that way for you. Improve work life balance, sleep and self esteem.

stress full life man pushing car up hill.

Go from this                                       to this less stress life






‘Feet, balance & connection’ a Mindful Moving Meditation 

 Our feet enable us to do so many things yet we often take them for granted.

walkingThey are the basis of good balance and when used correctly for walking are powerful tools for self healing. (It is easy to tell if you are walking well, by looking at the soles of you shoes and see if they wear evenly)  Having happy feet can make you feel happy too!

We will explore and connect with our feet, discover what insights they can offer us and how our thought affect our movements and our experience of it. Find out the connection your feet have with you and and the world around you as well as the connection you have with them.

The session will be playful and within your comfort zone. If you didn’t love your feet before, you may do afterwards.

Booking: Essential to avoid disappointment as places are limited to 4.

Cheque or transfer; for details email or call Julie on 01793 495


 Other events: Discover ways to ease pain, strain and stress

 Talks will last about 90min depending on questions.  The events are free to attend, however a donation would be much appreciated. I look forward to meeting and helping you.

Venue: Natural Therapy Centre, 5 Bibury Road, Swindon, SN3 1DD
Free parking in the street.

Places are limited so booking is essential please click the ‘book here’ under the appropriate event or for more information
and one to one sessions contact me, thank you.

Julie Nicholls 01793 495551

Feel the joy of a pain free, less stressed life.

Read someone else’s perspective on these talks

 Weight – take a new look.

Have you been yo yo dieting and are fed up with it?

Have you been feeling guilty about eating things people tell you are bad for you, yet life doesn’t seem worth living without them?

Do you want to loose weight, get back into shape, without sacrificing your pleasures, without having to do crazy exercise you hate, without having to cut out carbs, fats or any other combination the diet industry bombards you with?

Then this talk is for you.

You will:

  • Find out how the language you use like “I am trying to loose weight” is setting you up for failure.
  • Discover how making changes to other areas of your life can affect your weight.
  • Get a better understanding of what you can do to get the results you want and get some tips to help you put it into practice.



Breathing more deeply might not be the best thing for you!

Ease shortness of breath and help many issues like asthma, headaches, shoulder tension with 3 simple techniques which will be demonstrated and practised on the night.

You will increase ease of breath and lung capacity if you practice these regularly. If you are on medication, in time, you will also find you rely on it less. You will also become more relaxed generally.

Read more on the previous time I gave this talk

Watch my video: anxiety and breathing tip.


Releasing the jaw.

Have you been told by your dentist you grind your teeth?  Does your jaw click  when you eat?  Do you hate going to the dentist because you can’t open your mouth wide enough?

If so this talk is here to help you understand what you can do about it.

Jaw tightness can cause headaches, tinnitus, sinus problem among other things. Discover how your jaw neck and hips are connected. Find out how you can release it and ease your pain or discomfort.


food heartYou might like your food but does your food like you?

Do you know some types of  foods can increase inflammation disorders such as arthritis, eczema & colitis?

If your hormones are playing havoc with your well being then it could be you are lacking minerals and you can help yourself by having the right foods and supplements without the need for HRT.

Are you confused about what foods & drinks are healthy & what aren’t?

Would you like to look & feel good in your clothes?

To feel great and have more energy, find out which foods love you, depending on your blood type.

Speaker: Helen Auburn, a nutritionist based in Swindon will be sharing her insights into how food can make you ill or help you feel great.


Neck and shoulders

Nec alignment Before treatment: the ear is forward of the shoulder
Before treatment: the ear is forward of the shoulder
After neck treatment
After: ear and shoulder are more in line

For most people tension is held in the shoulders and causes pain in the neck and headaches.  Many people stretch their arm forward to ease the tension yet this is the opposite of what you need to to solve shoulder pain and tension.  Find out how to easing tension and improving round shouldered posture easily and without going to the gym. Learn some simple techniques you an use anywhere any time.

If you are interested in these, let me know as I am planning more workshop later in the year. Contact Julie  01793 495551

Food Sensitivity Testing

Events - Food Sensitivity Testing at Natural Therapy Centre, Swindon

DATE: No dates currently available

VENUE: Natural Therapy Centre, Swindon
Other dates may be possible on request.
COST: £49.95 for the 81 food and 31vitamin and mineral test.
£10 for the 28 additives test, if taken with the above.
Children’s test 60 foods and
28 E numbers additives £42
£10 deposit required to confirm booking.
CONTACT: Julie Nicholls 01793 495551

Events - Food Sensitivity Testing at Natural Therapy Centre, SwindonFood Sensitivity Testing can help you with your health problems & improve your wellbeing.
Suffering from painful or stiff joints, headaches, skin problems, mood swings or IBS?
Do you want to find out if your health problems are food related?
A painless simple test lasting 1 hour for all 3 tests (81 Foods, E numbers and a vitamin and mineral deficiency) can give you the answer.  You may find the elimination and re-introduction programme helpful once you know what food to watch out for.

The test gives you immediate results and no blood sample needed. More dates may be available on request.
IBS, fatigue, headaches, arthritis, skin problems, ADHD, fluid retention, sinusitis, mood swings etc.
Can’t find what the cause of your health problems are or tried everything and nothing really helps!  Find out if food or additives are the cause!
Are you taking vitamins or minerals?
If so are you taking the ones your body really needs?  You can find out which you really need and which you can stop buying.
Are you deficient in any vitamins or minerals?
If you are, then taking the ones you need could make you feel a lot better than you imagine.  You can find out which you really need.

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