The HealthyWares shop has been closed down unexpectedly  by the host. I will start selling from this site as soon as I can but it is likely to take a few month to get it all working properly.

If you are interested in any of my products you are welcome to email me for details or to arrange an appointment to see and test them.

Products include health products such as Chi balls, Back supports, Relaxation CD’s, Redondo balls, Balance Aids, Orthopaedic Pillows, Spiky Massage balls, Hot & Cold Treatment Packs (Wheateeze), Herbal Remedies etc. We hope you will enjoy the products carefully chosen for this site. If there is anything not included in this site that you would like to purchase, Contact us & we will do our best to locate them for you!

Shop Healthywares - Healthy, therapeutic, Body~Mind Coaching Products!

You will be able to purchase securely by credit/debitcard or PAYPAL.

Please note that this site is for UK orders only. If you wish to purchase from outside the UK, or wish to pay by cheque please do the following: –

NON UK ORDERS ON PAYPALcontact us with your order details and we will email you a Paypal invoice so that you can make the payment securely. (You do not actually need a Paypal account to use it – simply choose to pay using your credit card, debit card, or bank account & make your purchase without revealing your credit card number or financial information). Payments through Paypal are fully secure as you would expect.

CHEQUES (In Pound Sterling) – contact us with your order details and send a cheque made payable to Julie Nicholls to:-

Natural Therapy Centre
5 Bibury Road, Swindon,
Wiltshire, England


Different productsRelaxation CD  from Body~Mind Coaching designed to help with sleep

Orthopaedic Pillows various makes, models and sizes available available to test at the Therapy Centre by appointment

Back Supports & Aids

Hot & Cold Therapy / Wheat Pain Relief Packs  ideal for back, neck and period pain


Spiky Massage balls
Spiky balls




Pilates/Exercise/Mindbody ballsChiballs

Chi balls

Gym balls


Gift Vouchers  for any time of year

 Herbal Remedies & Body Care by A.VogelBoxes of herbal remedies by A vogel
 Yoga Aids


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