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Different products

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Pilates/Exercise balls

 Soft inflatable but very strong balls. Designed to help you improve posture and core strength during pilates type exercises.

 Mind-body balls

blue Mind body ball

(7”-18cm), Also called over balls are similar but larger than Chi Balls below and are not scented. Pilates or Redondo balls (slightly larger still) 9”-23cm to 10 1/2″ -26cm are also available £9.95. These balls can be used in Pilates classes as well as other forms of movement exercise such as Yoga, Tai chi, Elaine Petrone miracle ball method and of course Body~Mind Coaching sessions and workshops or your own home exercise practice programmes.
Non scented blue balls £9.95
Also happy to recommend these on Amazon

Chi balls


These chiballs are slightly smaller but similar in texture to the Mind-Body Balls.  Each one is scented and varies in colour depending on scent. Sorry, these are no longer available directly from us. However, you may find this link for Chiballs helpful.

Spiky Massage balls

Fast and convenient body massage, very relaxing and fun. Ideal for myofascial pain relief. Relieves tension and stimulates blood circulation.  Helps relieve aching feet or shoulders. Can also be used as a stress ball.

These vary in size and firmness so it is recommended you make an appointment to test them so you can be sure to buy the one that suits you best.

Roll under your feet after a day’s work or shopping. Roll your feet over the ball when watching TV for example, or use on your back against a wall to relieve tight shoulders. Stimulates foot reflexes to improve balance following Guillian Barre syndrome, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), cerebral palsy, stroke and other conditions.

The choice of size depends on your personal preference. The smaller the ball the more you will notice the spikes. If you are using it under your feet, the larger the ball the more control you will need. The 8cm yellow ball is popular as it is spiky enough to be able to use on the shoulders and be felt though clothes, in comparison to the 10cm blue ball which is a little gentle to be effective through clothing.
However for someone with fibromyalgia, for example, I would recommend starting with the 10cm blue ball and as the condition improves the smaller balls can be used.
For someone who may have lost some sensation, in their feet for example, then the smaller ball would be recommended so they can stimulate the nerve endings and begin to notice the sensation in their feet as they roll the ball.

Comes in 4 sizes: Orange 6cm £5.50 / Yellow 8cm £6.00 / Red 9cm £6.50 / Blue 10cm £7.00 + P&P 

Also happy to recommend these on Amazon

Relaxation CD

CD cover relaxation
Relaxation CD

Body~Mind Coaching Level 1: ideal for people who are unable to move much. Use when sitting on a plane or train, a passenger in a car or when you want to relax in bed to go to sleep.  It goes through simple breathing, awareness and mindful movement practice.  Suitable for people who struggle to relax, especially those who are unable to access their imagination or cannot meditate. This CD uses breathing, awareness of your body, eye movements, recalling pleasant experiences and uses positive language. It uses principles from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), the Trager Approach and techniques used in relaxation methods such as yoga and meditation. However, it does not require you to imagine or visualise anything. Therefore it is not a meditation CD, nor hypnosis, although it brings about a sense of relaxation, peace and also re-energises the listener.

Do you have a hectic lifestyle? Are you someone who is always “on the go” who never really finds time to slow down and relax? Or do you have trouble getting a truly restful night’s sleep? What if there was a way to slow down your pace of life or to help you sleep better. Our relaxation CD offers you an opportunity to do just that: to enjoy a complete body and mind experience and achieve a feeling of inner peace and calm. It encourages the listener to “let go” of their thoughts and lives and give themselves time to reflect and totally relax. Allow your body to experience feelings of lightness and stillness.
One listener commented: “I was aware of the relationship between my mind listening to the voice and letting my body relax and become lighter as the experience continued”.
Length: Approx 30 min,  £10.

Gift vouchers

You can choose the value you want to offer.
It can go towards treatment, workshops or products.

Suitable for Christmas, birthdays or any other special occasion at any time of year.


Orthopaedic aids


Various makes, models and sizes, including memory foam,  available to test at the Natural Therapy Centre by appointment.

Back Supports & sitting aids

Various makes, models and sizes are available to test at the Natural Therapy Centre by appointment.

Gym balls

You will find the ones I recommend on Amazon

Also Available at the Centre

Boxes of herbal remedies by A vogel

 Herbal Remedies & Body Care by A.Vogel
 on request or following an appointment.


  1. Louise Ogle says:

    22nd November 2022 at 14:25

    Hi , I’m trying to buy the 2 orange chiballs and and the pay button isn’t responding. Do you still have them please?
    I actually need 4 ( any colour) if you are stocking any more in the near future?
    They are such a good price that I’d definitely like the 2 on your site if still avaliable though!

    • Julie Nicholls says:

      22nd November 2022 at 20:21

      Hi Louise,
      Sorry about the issue. I will email you soon with pricing and 2 alternatives I can offer as you want 4.

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