Before asking about price, here are some things you might like to consider first;

– Is there any point talking about price until you know I am the right person to help you and we can work together? From my perspective there isn’t, which is why I offer a free* introductory session to see if I can help you.  If you already know I can help you then ask yourself:

  • How much is feeling better and/or achieving what you want worth to you?
  • Can you put a price on your health and wellbeing?
  • How much more will you be able to do if you are free from the struggle you are experiencing now?  What is that worth to you?
  • If you feel great, then how will that affect the people around you. What is that worth to you and them?
  • How much time and commitment are you willing to give to get the results you want?

If following the taster session we agree we can work together then there are 2 possibilities


Therapeutic sessions are designed to sort out any issue/condition you have. They will help you understand how you can help yourself thanks to the tools and techniques I will share with you and work alongside treatment.  My aim is that you will not need to continue to see me month after month for the same problem.

In terms of time:

It takes a couple of hours to get a full sense of what is going on, get your history and what you’ve done so far, what works for you and what doesn’t. I also have a chance to give you some tips on how to go forward. 

In terms of price:

Most therapists charge by the session or the hour because they do standard treatments. 

The thing is, I don’t believe people are standard, and I don’t deal with standard problems. Everyone is unique and the key to solving the problem is to get to the root cause.

So, I charge by the results and I don’t know what results you want, nor how I might help you achieve that, until I’ve done the consultation.  Therefore I can’t tell you how much it will be till I speak to you.  What I can tell you though is that whatever programme and price we agree on, you have nothing to lose as a treatment programme has a money-back guarantee.

It’s a bit like going to a car dealer and telling them you want a new car. When they say yes they have cars, you then ask them how much it is. If the dealer only sells black fords, then he can give you a price without any hesitation! If he sells more than that, then the car dealer can’t tell you how much it is until he knows whether you’re looking for an Mercedes or a Fiat Punto.  You also have a guarantee that the car you buy will work and you test drive it before you buy.

Money back guarantee programmes:

If following the consultation we agree that a programme is suitable for you and you follow through and at the end, you don’t feel you have benefited, then I will refund your money minus the cost of any products you wish to keep.


Initial Consultation and first full treatment 90 to 120 min: £75

Subsequent treatments vary from 60min to 180 min and are priced at £25 per 30 min. (which proportionally is actually a lot less than physiotherapy or chiropractic treatments cost)

OFFER:  Pay for 6 sessions in advance get 5% off  or Pay for 10 sessions in advance and receive the 11th FREE

Specific programme price

Overcoming a specific fear: £250

person anxious about speaking in public

Whether it is for exams, interviews, driving tests, networking or presentations, fear and anxiety get in the way of you performing at your best.

This pattern,  often set up in childhood, carries on in adult life, preventing us from making the most of opportunities that present themselves.person speacking in public confident calm and clear

It doesn’t have to be this way, you can change how you feel in just 2 or 3 sessions. (Sessions also available over the internet)



Walk well, get the spring back in your step: £210

feet walking (sole of foot)Walking is something we do every day yet give little thought to.

Have a look at the bottom of your shoes. If they are not wearing evenly, then neither is your body.

In the long term this can cause back ache, knee and or hip pain, headaches, feet and/or ankle pain.

Freeing up your walking and having happy feet, legs and hips could make a world of difference to your health beyond just reducing pain. (watch these on YouTube Mrs EC hip pain for over 10 yearsC Knee pain and swelling)

Unlike orthotics, it will not matter what shoes you are wearing, you will benefit all day every day. This programme, like all my treatments will be within your comfort range (no pain, forcing or cracking involved)

 This programme will run over 3 sessions within no more than 2 months.

You may also be interested in my feet or walking workshops. See the events page for details.

Beat stress: £3000

Man stressed pushing car up hill and man relaxed drivingThis lasts about 6 months and covers 20 areas with information as well as practical help and treatment session.


The tailor made Wellness Programme

Frequency of sessions depends on the issue and urgency with witch you need to make progress. Price will b agreed once and assessment of needs has been done.

You will:

Gain a better understanding of what you can do to help yourself without the use of conventional medicine/drugs.

Be able to test different products to see if any might suit you and help relieve pain or tension.

Be given practical things and techniques you can do to help you relieve pain or discomfort and have time to practice them.

Have my support through one to one session but also over the phone or the internet and be given further information and articles.

Have time to relax with bodywork and/or massage.

Sessions depending on your needs and time constraints, could be on a weekly basis or over a few days and are usually around 2hour long or more if you are travelling from far to see me.  The programme like all my treatments will be within your comfort range (no pain, forcing or cracking involved.)

If finance is an issue then you can benefit from attending my talks and workshops. Details of which you will find on the events page. You may also find some useful tips on my YouTube channel

*The free introductory session is for new clients only and a donation is appreciated which will go to my chosen charity freedom kit bags that help women in Nepal overcome the stigma of menstruation through education and providing reusable sanitary ware, the price of which is £25 per bag.

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