Trager Approach

The Trager Approach is a form of mind and body work developed by Dr Milton Trager.

Also called psychophysical integration, the Trager Approach is designed to help people regain physical, mental and emotional harmony.  It helps improve your posture, breathing, balance and ability to relax.

During your Trager session, you will experience a mix of:

  • passive time where you just relax
  • active conscious movements

Trager Approach - integrates Physical, Mental, and Emotional harmony.

While you will lie on a softly padded couch (as with massage but fully clothed if you wish) you will be asked to experience and notice the changes in your body and mind, after you have been softly stroked, stretched and rocked.  You will also be guided through simple movements called Mentastics to help you become aware of your body and how you can release any tension you have. These mindful movements can help re-educate your muscles to move more freely, help increase reflexes needed to improve balance and experience relaxation and freedom like never before.

Everyone can benefit from the Trager Approach. 

Trager Approach - integrates Physical, Mental, and Emotional harmony.Sessions are more than just a treatment. The experience is about self-discovery, finding ways to move more freely, to do more with less effort and therefore regaining energy.  As with any learning process, the effects are cumulative, therefore a series of sessions is recommended to develop mindfulness in every day life.

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Trager sessions increase flexibility, range and ease of movement so they are particularly helpful to improve performance of musicians, athletes, dancers and for people with chronic problems such as asthma, MS and arthritis.

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